Meet DJ Mr. West and his musical experiment.

At 23 years old he has created a following in Chicago with his style and ability to “give the people what they want and what they need.”

West combines Chicago House and hip-hop while also throwing in a song you’ve never heard (but should) to “educate” the listeners as he put it. All he wants is for you to DANCE!

I had the chance to interview this fine fellow and got to know, ‘Who is Mr. West?”

At 15, Abraham Ocon was running around Pilsen, classic Chicago kid following the graffiti scene disguised as a punk rocker playing in a band.

As the story goes, everyone represented the street they lived on when ‘tagging’ a wall and Abraham happened to live on West 65th Street. After a run with the police he had to abandon some info  leaving him with ‘West.’

A year later, a quick trip to Guitar Center and $40 got him started with the cheapest used CD player system. A tour through house parties made him well known and invited to play at bars (that he was underage to enter) playing for empty rooms, owing a tab, and essentially playing for free!

His style was highly questioned—Who mixes disco with a hip-hop track? West states that his style is “weird” but he feeds off the criticism and wants to stand out—

“I want to play what people need, first play a song they know and then throw in a secret track that in a sense educates them. Anyone can be a DJ if they have few hundred in their pocket making horrible mixes but if you tell me my stuff is weird, I’ll just make it even weirder!”

West’s drive to be unique has paid off. He’s been asked to play in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Madison, Mexico, New York City, and most recently visited SXSW.

You can find West all over Chicago but every Wednesday’s he’s at the INSOMNIAC’s party at the Crocodile Lounge. So, stop by and enjoy a night of funky beats and classics!

Future upcoming projects include dropping a mixtape called “disconap,” a collaboration with WILD ONION VILLAINS a Chicago base apparel brand, and working on projects with CREATV MEDIA.

Listen to this awesome mix below! I listened to it 3 times!

Follow on Twitter @MrWESTeezy

Facebook: DJ Mr. West

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