Dance really connects people and movements around the world and thanks to Youtube, I get to share some amazing talent with my awesome readers!

Starting from the furthest corner of our global sweep, we have a performance from Korea’s famous girl group ‘Generation Girls‘ (fondly known as SNSD)! Edgier than their typical style of ‘girly hip-hop’, this short piece is worth watching.


Next we travel to India to visit the country’s first EVER all-girls hip-hop dance crew, ‘Urbanista‘. They may still be working on technique in this older video, but they are kicking ass and taking names for hip-hop girls all around the world!


And finally, from my home country, the lovely United States, we visit Isiah Munoz in Washington. With his short, but electrifying take on Usher’s ‘Scream‘, it’s clear that the U.S. has its own hip-hop talent to offer.

Can you think of any good hip-hop you’ve seen recently? Post videos in the comments below or tweet them to my brand-spanking new page @Le_a_nnaJ

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