The time has come…to say goodbye.


There comes a time in every blogger‘s life when they decide that they want to become a DJ (or RJ, if you wanna get technical).

Ok, maybe not every blogger, but for me, after about six months of blogging with UIC Radio, I’m going to host my own show!

Yes, that’s right! Leanna Johnson is going from behind-the-scenes blogger, to behind-the-mic radio personality!

My new show, called Masala FM, is going to feature a lot of international music, some of which I have already explored here.

Along with discussing some favorite dance trends around the world, I’m hoping to keep up with multicultural going’s-on in Chicago and introduce you all to some of my favorite people who contribute to our international scene.

(And I might throw-in some bits about Bollywood films and K-dramas *wink*)

But, just in case it’s my writing you’re going to miss (or I have a horrible radio voice or something) I am working on a NEW blog of the same name, which you can find here at

Come one, come all!

I hope to have the show up and running by December, but keep checking on Fridays from 6-8pm because you just might hear:

“Hi, this is Leanna Johnson, coming to you from UIC Radio blazing 24/7. Welcome to Masala FM!



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