Music Production is as frustrating as it is entertaining. Some days it can even be relaxing and rewarding.


This month, I worked with the talented Laghima. His newest releases comes from a Flying Lotus from an alternative timeline. We called our track 5ummer 7ime (Summer Time)


We went into the track knowing we can’t compromising each other. Laghima has an excellent work flow when it comes to the music he makes. I’d argue that maybe mine is lacking in comparison. We both make some sort of Hip Hop oriented electronic music. The one thing that sticks out to me for sure is the Yeezus flow of the beat we made. When making the track, we threw some chords together to make sure we weren’t lacking in the sound spectrum.

When it comes to mastering, it was a real pain as the kicks clipped with just about everything else. Laghima and I were able to make sure that in the end the French vocals at the end were flavored correctly to the stuttering high hats at the end.






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