The young Spooky Black hailing from Minnesota rocks a durag better than half of California during the late 80’s.

His most famous song, titled “Without You”, is  a testament to the new wave of musicians and artists. These artists, who are riding what I’d call “The Sad Wave” or “Vapor Wave”, are able to express themselves without being externally destructive.

The videos that he makes are brilliant. In contrast to uber-poppy songs about love, and likewise their superior quality videos, Spooky Black’s videos are lo-fi and look like something you would find in your weird Uncle’s stack of unmarked VHS’. His gloomy vocals mixed with his lyrics are a stark contrast the poppy chart toppers.

spooky black


Spooky Black is coming to Chicago on the 20th of November at Reggie’s Rock Club with Thestand4rd!

We here at UIC Radio are looking forward to seeing, and hopefully get a young interview with the young Spooky Black! We will keep you guys posted!


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