I usually blog about music related things but I felt like I should put this up after I heard it on the radio while listening to Vocalo radio. It’s relevant to something personal that has happened in my life recently. It is also relevant to what I am studying in school.

If you don’t already listen to Vocalo radio I recommend it. Its on FM radio on 90.7 and 91.1. It’s one of the few radio stations I do enjoy listening to. They talk about real issues in the city of Chicago that most working class people go through in neighborhoods like Little Village, Pilsen, Humboldt Park, Rogers Park, etc. They also play good music.

This segment is about the gang feuds between the Gangster Two Six and Latin Kings. It discusses the influence gangs have on people who live in Little Village. Even people who aren’t affiliated to any gang at all. One of the individuals in the segment is quoted saying, “I know some people that have never seen 5 blocks of their own neighborhood”.

If gangs have influenced any part of your life you will find the connection with this segment. For someone like me who grew up in Back of The Yards and Gage Park, I found the connection almost immediately. Its not something that is present only in Little Village. There are similar gang feuds throughout the whole city.

You can listen to the segment below. Its a little over 15 mins long.


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