From Guatemala, to L.A, to Miami and now Chicago, we see Carnage playing at major festivals and venues. His bass heavy music crossed with his style of hardstyle flair is a testament to the neo-electronic age we are living in.



Carnage has made Electronic Drill songs featuring Katie Got Bandz and Migos, but theres more to him than just a simple fist pumping Festival going DJ. His style is evolving along with the ages. You can hear his NuDisco / Future Bass visions come out with his newest song on Soundcloud, “Let the Freak Out!”

Carnage is heading in the right direction. The style and skill of Carnage is seen in his primary genre, Festival Trap. The artistry has help him gain a strong fan base, and he is soon to be experimenting with new soundscapes that will lead him into an entirely new direction.  I for one am very excited to see where the new year leads us with electronic music. I know that with Carnage’s stylings, he will lead the electronic scene into the right direction!

Carnage is playing at the Aragon Ballroom on November 15th in Chicago! To find out how to score some tickets tune in Friday at 8PM!


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