Yesterday, I was given the opportunity to attend a concert with a fellow UIC Radio-er, DJ Kris, to provide some coverage for our very own UIC Radio, to see the band The 1975 at the Aragon Ballroom.


I had few expectations going into the show, because I had only heard their name and a few songs here and there. What I was surprised to find out was the fact that they were actually pretty good.

Before The 1975 played, a band called Cruisr opened for them. While their general genre and music style was similar to that of The 1975, they were distinctive enough to pump up the audience before the main attraction came on. Here is one of their songs titled ‘Don’t Go Alone’ that I liked:

After Cruisr’s set, it was time to play the waiting game. As soon as the band came on and I recovered all the screaming fangirls who were dying of anticipation for The 1975, I found myself dancing along to a few of the more upbeat songs and jammed to the slower ones. Here’s one of The 1975’s slower songs that I dig:

One of the biggest crowd pleasers was another slow jam titled ‘Falling For You’ (which is one of the few that I knew of beforehand). One other hit I knew was titled ‘Chocolate’ which, again, I found myself jamming to:

Although the crowd was predominantly young teenage girls drooling over the band (in their defense, who can blame them? They’re cute man boys with adorable English accents who make good music) and although my expectations going in were low, the lights were cool, the music was good, and the experience was overall a great time.

What do you think of The 1975? Have you listened to their album? Are there any songs in particular you like? Let me know by commenting and sharing!



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