There’s something about Jennifer Lopez…whether or not she’s been your WCW yet, aside from still looking great you must admit she’s still working hard too.

On Tuesday, November 4th she released her new book titled: “True Love” and even her celebrity fan Kim Kardashian has a copy of the novel!

Jennifer Lopez's New Book: "True Love"
Jennifer Lopez’s New Book: “True Love”

Jennifer Lopez AKA JLo has been in the entertainment business for a while now. She’s started off dancing then acting and singing. She’s the definition of a triple threat and the Latina version of Beyonce. She has her own clothing line at Kohl’s and ongoing list of perfumes for days! In addition to tending to her personal life of raising 2 kids (from her former marriage to Puerto Rican Salsa singer Marc Anthony) and acting in upcoming movies, it’s safe to say this new book is another addition to all the projects she has going on.

Her new book goes in depth about her personal life as she opens up about her past relationships and shows her growth as a person. She’s often been judged because of her multiple relationships since her dating life is in the public eye, but this book just gives insight to who she really is and shows how’s she’s handled herself.

From one Latina to another, I really give her props because she’s still doing her thing! It’s definitely not easy being a working woman and having a family to take care of but she makes it look like a piece of cake. You go JLO!

If you’re interested in her projects as well be sure to check out the trailer to her new film “The Boy Next Door” starring Ryan Guzman, waiting to drop in theaters in January 2015.

Keep listening to her catchy, new music that’s so upbeat!


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