6d4397b7b97dad61d97589981c811033Hi, my name is Luis Hernandez and I’m a new blogger for UIC Radio. My blogs will primarily be focused around rap music, although I may include my favorite R&B tracks sometimes. This is the first installment of my blog called “The StandOUTs” which will highlight my favorite 5 standout rap songs & projects of the week. I will also be blogging on Thursdays from time to time as a throwback Thursday segment of rap songs from back in the day, so look out for that in the future. So without further ado here are my 5 standout rap songs and projects of the week.

Can’t Stop – Theophilus London feat. Kanye West

A rough version of this song came out a few weeks ago but with Theo’s album “Vibes” dropping this week, the official version of the song was released and I’ve had it on repeat all week. Kanye comes in with a hilariously awesome verse and Theo brings a very chill background to the song. If you like Cudi from back in the day I would recommend also giving Theo’s whole album a listen here. However, check out the song below.

Can’t Stop

Ya’ll Already Know- Slaughterhouse

DJ Premier producing is never a bad thing and Eminems’ prodigies, Slaughterhouse, deliver the bars to hang with this beat. Give it a listen.

Rich N**** Timeline Mixtape – Migos 

One thing you’ll quickly find out about me is that I don’t like just one type of rap, I enjoy every kind of rap. I’m not afraid to admit that Migos is one of my guilty pleasures in rap, Migos already released one of my favorite mixtapes this year (No Label II), now they blessed us with another one. My favorite songs on this project from my first few listens are “Cross the Country” and “Buyin Em”, check out the mixtape right here.

North Pole Mixtape – JR Donato

Chicago’s own JR Donato, who is signed to Taylor gang (Wiz Khalifa’s label) dropped a dope mixtape this week. My favorite tracks off this are “Paid For” and “Watchu Doin”. If you like Wiz and his guys from Taylor Gang for sure check this out and support one of Chicago’s artists. Download the mixtape here

Ruckas in B-Minor- Wu-Tang Clan 

For all the hard-core 90’s rap fans this is for you, Wu-tang dropped another dope single for their upcoming album “A Better Tomorrow” coming out December 2. The best part about this song is that almost every member is on this. Check it out here.


BackFlip- Casey Veggies feat YG & IAMSU! 

California rapper Casey Veggies has been putting in quality work for awhile by releasing one of my favorite songs of the summer “The Boy” and the “Fresh Veggies” mixtape with Chicago’s own Rockie Fresh, last year. The rough version of “Backflip” also dropped awhile ago but this week YG jumped on this and it was officially released on iTunes. I feel like this song is about to blow up with the right promotion. Listen to it here.

That concludes this weeks StandOUTs. Follow on twitter @UICStandouts for updates and more new music.


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