Greetings, friends! Ray here. It’s already November, and last week I had the most frightening wake-up call of my life. Tuesday I went in for advising to see if I could indeed graduate in May, and I received the green light. And just on Thursday I registered for classes for my last semester at UIC. My last semester!? At the risk of sounding glib, I’d say that it feels like I just arrived at UIC. And somehow, I’m leaving already. I haven’t really changed much, except I’m approximately 74,000 times more jaded than the unassuming, happy-go-lucky freshman year version of me. I was such an amateur.

Anyway, it’s a sobering feeling to realize that I only have six more months at UIC. My plan is to (hopefully) get into grad school—I think the biggest hurdle until May would be to get all of my apps done. Surprisingly they’re more time consuming than the work I have to do for my current schedule. And honestly it’s more of the same application nonsense that we experienced when applying our senior year of high school. Except this time around, there is no Common App, so it’s just a painful repertoire of entering my date of birth, address, intended field of study, etc., etc.; I would hazard that it’s the web equivalent of a root canal.

And I’m here standing on the precipice of what is at present the biggest question mark of my life. I could sound superficially enthusiastic about “rising up to the challenge” or “overcoming barriers”, but let’s be real, this isn’t a college/job application. Who knows what awaits me? I definitely did not feel this apprehensive when I was applying my senior year of high school. Yikes, I didn’t expect my second blog to sound this morose (my apologies!)

Now this brings me to the mashup of the week. Yeah, this week’s mashup provides me respite as I trudge miles and miles into graduate school apps. I don’t think the artist Sim Gretina gave it a name, but it’s a glorious work featuring MGMT, Daft Punk, Passion Pit, Gorillaz, and Bob Marley. It’s a warped combination of artists. The hyper-glitched instrumental to “Sleepyhead” layers perfectly with the instantly-recognizable “Kids” melody and the melancholy lyrics to “Digital Love”. It’s definitely relieving. And if you’re impatient for this semester to end, just keep in mind we have less than a month of classes left!

Got any feel-good music you listen to? Share it below! Bonus points if it’s a mashup as well!


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