What’s up guys, it’s Anthony again with some more hip hop related stuff to spread. This time around I’ll be touching on DP. Even though DP is rocking the White Sox hat in that photo above (South Side all the way), he’s not from Chicago. This guy is a 20 year old rapper that hails from Virginia Beach, Virginia and that’s just about all we know about his personal life. He’s a relatively underground dude, with no real projects to his name at this moment, but his SoundCloud page does contain a couple of tracks, some that go all the way back to 2012.

It’s what this guy has done recently that has caught my eye. Earlier this year he released three tracks that I found to be pretty impressive. This guy sounds like a mix of Earl Sweatshirt and Pusha T (aka Vince Staples?) to me, as he’s incredibly gritty on these 3 songs. Rapping over some gritty and bass-heavy beats, DP delivers some pretty intelligent and intense lyrics.

Fortunately DP has a mixtape on the way. Designer Casket will be his debut mixtape, although the release date is still TBA. In the meantime, stream “Jabar”, “Glass Casket”, and “Glitch” below. Check out the rest of his SoundCloud page here too.


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