Do you know about Bon Qui Qui? (Hopefully you do – if not then you she would give you this attitude.)

Bon Qui Qui at King Burger

“Bon Qui Qui” is a fictional character played by comedian Anjelah Johnson. Anjelah Johnson is a California native of Mexican and Native American desentย who hit the media scene about 7 years ago when she starred on the late night comedy series MAD tv. Her hit skit “Bon Qui Qui at King Burger” recieved more than 66 million views!

Ever since her character “Bon Qui Qui” appeared in the MAD tv skit, Anjelah Johnson has been able to make her own path as a stand-up comedian having sold-out tours around the country. One of her most favorable skits as a stand-up comedian (which as been a hit on YouTube as well) is “Nail Salon”. She is best known for doing great impersonations of people which is how she was capable of developing the character “Bon Qui Qui”. She also became an actress by having a role in the film “Our Family Wedding” which came out in 2010 where she played the main character’s sister alongside actress America Ferrera. It is a romantic comedy which you should check out too (spoiler alert: more of Anjelah Johnson’s humor is found towards the end of the film in the credits).

Luckily Anjelah Johnson has been able to use the character and alter-ego “Bon Qui Qui” to keep her loyal fans entertained. “Bon Qui Qui” even has her own music videos on YouTube which embrace her demeanor. She (Bon Qui Qui) even has her CD up for purchase on Anjelah Johnson’s website (

Be sure to look up her videos on YouTube such as “Ima Cut you” and “No Boyfren” (phrases taken from her skits). This new video of her singing was just posted in August.



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