Its throwback thursday, so I decided to give you some throwback songs by Kanye West that I think are hidden gems.

Paid the Price – Do or Die feat. Kanye West

This beat is one of my favorites by Mr. West. Alongside the famous Chicago trio Do or Die, this makes for a great song.

Power (Remix) – Kanye West feat. Jay-Z

A lot of people know the original Power song but not many know the remix because it was released low key back in 2010. This song has honestly some of my favorite Kanye verses of “ALL TIME” – Kanye voice

Mama’s Boy

This song leaked a few years ago and Kanye wasn’t happy, so unhappy that he tried get it erased from the internet. Don’t worry though, I got you a link to the song and good thing because it shows off Kanye’s great storytelling skills.


The Good, The Bad, The Ugly – Consequence feat. Kanye West

This song was made back in the mid 2000’s during Kanye’s rise to fame and as a result of this its very slept on. The reason why I love this song is because it has one of my favorite flows by old Ye.

I See Now- Little Brother feat. Kanye West

This is probably one of my favorite Kanye guest verses and the beat by 9th Wonder fits the concept of the song perfectly.


A lot of people miss this song because it is the very last song off Late Registration, but this song is in my top 5 favorite Kanye songs, partly because its the anthem to my life.


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