Willow Smith is probably best known for being the daughter of the Fresh Prince himself and for her 2010 “Whip My Hair”, which she says “did so much for young black girls and girls around the world. Telling them that they can be themselves and to not be afraid to be themselves.”  Do you remember the song?

Willow got much attention this week after an interview with the New York Times. The interview was a small glimpse of this incredibly bright and talented young lady.


Willow has since dropped her last name, dropped an EP,  and has reinvented herself all before her fifteenth birthday.  Willow’s EP entitled “3”, aptly features three new songs, released by Roc Nation Records, & is a birth of a new artist.  I came across the EP on Spotify’s “New Music Tuesday” playlist. I didn’t realize it was her, until I Googled “Willow” thinking it was a new artist, and was pleasantly surprised that it was indeed Ms. Willow Smith. Her sound reminds me of Chance the Rapper or of Kendrick Lamar. Her music is slow, sometimes melancholic and is very well written. It is clear that Willow is no longer trying to break into main-stream pop music as she was four years ago.  Willow is carving a musical path for herself as an individual, without limitations, hopefully dodging the pit falls of being a child of hollywood. Her music expresses: reflections of fame and money, meanings of love, emotions of loneliness and can be described as a journey of self discovery… keep in mind that she is a fourteen year old!

Here is Willow’s “3”.


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