It’s only November and temperature are dropping like crazy right now. I thought we had enough of the cold this past winter, but looks like another year of warm jackets, high electricity bills and hot chocolate is going to hit us again 🙂


A lot of people have been getting sick because of this weather and I wanted to remind you guys to dress warmly! For those that dorm or have a small commute, it may seem like no big deal for wearing just a sweater, but you’ll end up regretting it the next day when you wake up with a cold.

As simple as that seems, by dressing warm it keeps you safe and helps avoid a trip to the doctor.

Even though the cold can prevent us from doing stuff that we normally like doing outside, now is a good chance to stay indoors, stay warm, and obviously catch up on those favorite TV shows. (Perhaps on How To Get Away With Murder and their season finale?) 😉

If TV isn’t your thing, Thanksgiving is coming up, now’s time to start preparing for that big Thanksgiving meal with family and friends!

Remember to stay warm guys!

Till next time,



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