Greetings, all! Ray here.

Thanksgiving break is almost upon us, so that’s fun! Yet 99% of all other schools have been on Thanksgiving break since Friday. Not UIC, oh no. We have to wait until the very tip of the very end of the very last second, 11:59:59:59:59 PM Wednesday evening for us to reclaim the “on break” status. Ludicrous isn’t it? Plus, this whole “education” and “graduating” and “having a degree” stuff is standing between me andย all the shows I’ve started at the beginning of the semester and haven’t finished (including, but not limited to, Bones, American Horror Story, Legend of Korra, Bad Samaritansโ€ฆif starting TV shows and never finishing them were an Olympic sport, I’d win gold, silver, and bronze. Not to mention the list of horror movies or documentaries that I’ve compiled over the years). I could always opt for the “Ehh, no one’s stopping you” approach and binge watch all of them so I could be on pace for the rest of the season. Hmm.

But anyway, I’m pretty stoked for Thanksgiving break. Not even forย the festive ambrosia that is Thanksgiving food. I’m excited because of winter. Winter! I know, our kind comes and far between. Our genes were probably manufactured in Siberia. But I digress. I don’t even think there’s even a transition period between the disconsolate fall weather and the wonderful winter weather: before break, no snow, and after break, yes snow. And nobody questions it. It’s wonderful not only because this freeze-your-butt-off weather means fall semester is sunsetting, but also winter break is just one snowpocalypse away! Then I can finally catch up on my shows (or hibernate) while serene, powdery white blankets of snow are piling up outside.

Speaking of white powder, the mashup of the week comes from Toronto-based DJ Skratch Bastid. “Seasoned Dope” is the name of this week’s mashup, and it blends “Move That Dope” by Future and “Seasons” by Future Islands. (If you aren’t familiar with them, Future Islands is a wonderful synthpop band, and for me, their song “Seasons” has been on repeat for the past month. Take a listen!) There’s something irresistibly calming about hearing these narcotic-infused lyrics layered over the woeful synths. Enjoy with caution!

Got any plans for break? How do you feel about winter? Comment below!


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