I’ve met a lot of cool people through soccer in my life, especially in high school. I remember my sophomore year at Whitney Young, after a pretty bad tryout, I still managed to make JV. It was then when I met my good friend Mike Sockol. This dude was (and still is) a pretty talented percussionist and I think he played the french horn for the Whitney Young band. So I mean, it’s no surprise that he’s putting out his own music now.

Jezebeau is an electronic, “chillout”, hip hop duo consisting of two students from Knox College, Mike Sockol and Matt Koester. Just recently they released their debut mixtape, Condensensation. When I first listened to this duo’s stuff, the first thing I thought about was Gold Panda. So think Gold Panda with a heavier hip hop influence. The production on here is very experimental, but also possesses all of the necessary components for proper, chill, laid-back tunes. The beats are pretty groovy, jazzy, and hold some amazing bass-lines.  I turned “Hang-Glidin’” up a little too loud on first listen and almost blew my speakers out because of the bass. Turn these instrumentals up real loud (you know, as you should always be doing) to see what I mean.

With finals week around the corner, I’d definitely recommend giving this a listen for your studying needs. If you’re a fan of heavy bass-lines, vibraphones, and experimental instrumentals, then definitely check this out. Stream below.


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