I view Rhymesayers Entertainment as a record label full of hip hop artists that people sleep on. What do I mean when I say that? I’m saying that their roster is full of talented hip hop artists, yet if you showed their lineup to people I’m willing to bet that most will only know about Atmosphere. Now Fashawn isn’t actually on Rhymesayers, but I did find out about him through Rhymesayers. This guy has worked with various members of Rhymesayers before and this definitely isn’t the first time Fashawn and Evidence team up on a track (Evidence is signed onto Rhymesayers). Same goes for the Alchemist, the man who produced “Dreams“. He has also produced a couple of tracks for some guys on Rhymesayers. So before you even check this out, google Rhymesayers Entertainment, go through their roster and listen to a few of the guys on there, you won’t regret it.

Anyway, two days ago the Alchemist tweeted that he and Fashawn were going to release an EP on the 18th of this month and also went ahead and released the first single of the EP, “Dreams“. I simply love the Alchemist’s production as he typically lays down some hard-hitting instrumentals that’ll make my head bob almost immediately. That said, he took a different approach on this one. The beat on “Dreams” relies on a little heavenly sample that ultimately makes the instrumental slow and soulful. Fashawn and Evidence proceed to spit some strong verses on here, which critique society and the various disadvantages people continue to face. It’s safe to say that I’m pretty stoked for this new EP after listening to this song.

Stream “Dreams” below.


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