Danny Brown and Action 13ronson have released a new song from the Grand Theft Auto Five soundtrack, called “13ad  News”.
Featuring a ghostly synth bass-line, the always clever Action delivers an intro and sets the mood of the tone.
Two criminals team up and they agree to pull a stunt that ends up a sloppy mess.



Danny’s ghastly voice is complimented by the way his rhythm has a kick in it’s step.  As always the lyrics themselves invoke dark disturbing and bleak imagery. He is a ruthless criminal who can and will do anything to make end’s meet by the end of the day. Danny says “He hears the Reaper” calling. That line invokes not only goth elements, put also Punk.
Action comes in referencing himself as the White OJ. Action, while always adding the sprinkles of comic expression, also invokes gothic sights. The Way imitates the gunshots are haunting and syncopated eerily to the song. Referring to the culinary world is a tasty signature to Action’s style.

Here are some choice songs from both artists!


Danny Brown has a show this Friday (!2/12) in Pilsen at the Thalia Hall at 8PM! Tickets are only $5!



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