As 2014 comes to a close, we look back at the year of music, full of the hits and misses that were released. Here is a list of the top 8 albums of 2014 (because a list of 10 would be cliche) starting with the first four on the list:

8.Taylor Swift- 1989
Ok I want to start off the list with this (almost) random (but completely not random at all) choice. And I also want to start off by saying I haven’t even listened to this album. BUT THAT’S WHAT’S COOL ABOUT IT! I’m not willing to go out and buy it, and I’m not going to illegally download it! Taylor REJECTED Spotify! Taylor is punk. Okay, onto the real list.
7. Warpaint-Warpaint
Warpaint’s album, titled Warpaint, is everything a fan of this four-piece girl group could hope for. The delicate yet powerful vocals equipped with jarring lyrics coincide perfectly with the ambient instrumentals. Maybe I’m biased, but Jenny Lee Lindberg continues to be one of the most smashing female bassists in the game. A true star in the music industry! Notable tracks: Keep It Healthy, Love Is to Die, Disco//very

6. Temples-Sun Structures
Sun Structures by British psychedelic group Temples caused quite a stir in the music world this year. The group’s debut album was a whirlwind of fuzzy- yet well produced- guitar riffs and upbeat tempos. James Bagshaw’s jaunty vocals produce a happy, sunny tone, and his sparkly shirts only brighten the light that this band produces. Seriously though, check out his shirts. Sparkly. Notable tracks: Shelter Song, Keep un the Dark, Mesmirise

5.St. Vincent-St. Vincent
St. Vincent’s newest release was, well, just as perfect as she is. Annie Clark never fails to disappoint. Her notable finger style guitar playing truly sets her apart from all musicians in the industry at the moment. An interesting mix between a more digital tone in junction with her guitar playing. St. Vincent was a success for 2014. Notable tracks: Birth In Reverse, Rattlesnake, Bring Me Your Loves

Stay tuned for Part Two, coming soon!


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