This year has been pretty great for Saba and Lucki Eck$. I actually caught both of these guys live back in the summer. Lucki Eck$ was headlining a show at Reggie’s Rock Club and Saba happened to be an opener for him. Now I didn’t really know who Saba was at the time, but I have caught him live 4 times since then. Once when he headlined in order to support ComfortZone (dope mixtape by the way) and 3 other times when he has happened to be an opener for other acts. As for Lucki Eck$ I had the privilege of catching him live again a couple weeks ago at the Danny Brown concert at Thalia Hall where he performed some tracks off of his new mixtape, Body High (another really solid mixtape). Saba was able to gain some well deserved attention with his new tape and Lucki Eck$ was able to tour with Danny Brown this year. Dropping a track together as the year comes to an end seems like the perfect way to cap off a successful year.

It must be noted that both of these artists are from Chicago. “Next Door” in short, provides an interesting look back to the childhoods of both Saba and Lucki Eck$ who are still relatively young (Saba is 20, Lucki is 18). The production provides a great backdrop for a nostalgic trip. Both rappers speak about different struggles they both have faced growing up on the west side of Chicago. Saba, for example, talks about his mother’s battle with alcoholism and how his father abandoned him and his family. The west side of Chicago is not exactly a safe area to grow up in, something that both of these guys let us know on this new track.

When people think of Chicago hip hop, they typically only think about the drill scene. Drill music has its uses, although it’s not something I can personally vibe with because of the image and ideas many artists in that genre push. But it’s important that people do not overlook up and coming artists such as Saba and Lucki Eck$, both who have very interesting stories in their own respective work and on “Next Door“. Listen to “Next Door” below and be sure to check out ComfortZone and Body High while you’re at it.


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