2015 New Year celebration


Well 2015 is finally upon us and I got to say I am very excited because it seems that this may be the greatest year for hip hop with all the expected releases lining up. Here are 5 bold predictions that I think will happen as this year progresses.

1. Vic Mensa drops the best project in Chicago


Theres gonna be a lot of moves to be made by Chicago artists this year from Chance dropping Surf, Lil herb releasing Ballin like I’m Kobe mixtape, and King Louie making power moves on Drakes OVO label. However, I believe this will be Vic Mensa’s year to shine as he dropped a handful of solid songs in 2014 with Feel That and Down on my Luck. Also from the snippets of other songs I’ve heard his next release entitled Street Lights seems to be one that will officially give Chicago rap superstar roaming around our city. Here’s another dope song released from him not too long ago.


2. Pitchfork is better than Lollapalooza again.


I went to both Lolla and Pitchfork last year, even though Lolla had the big names Eminem & Outkast it was pitchfork that overall had a better lineup from top to bottom with artists such as Kendrick, Schoolboy Q and Pusha T. Honestly I think this year they will do it big again and show Lolla that they finally have competition for the best Chicago summer music festival. My early predictions for Pitchfork are: Joey Bada$$, Vic Mensa, and A$AP Rocky as their headliner.

3. Lollapalooza gets Kanye West to headline


Although I believe Pitchfork will have an overall better lineup, I think Lolla will finally get Kanye back since his 2008 performance. If this does happen expect to find me in Grant Park come the first days of August in 2015.

4. Kendrick sells over 600,000 his first week

Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick is honestly about to release the most anticipated album in rap history. His last album Good Kid m.A.A.d. City sold 300+ its first week but I think this one will double its sales the first week moving over 600,000 copies. To get you more hyped for the release heres a video of the new song coming soon. (Skip to the 4:12 mark)


5. A$AP Rocky is the MVP of rap for 2015

BET's "106 & Party"

Even though Kendrick, Drake, and Kanye are all poised for releases this year, I really think 2015 will be A$AP Rocky’s year. I believe we got a lot of dope feature verses on the way as well as a release of a crazy sophomore album. With all the snippets getting released recently this prediction seems most likely to be true. Heres a snippet of a song that sounds insane and you can also let your ears be blessed with his new song released on NYE entitled Pretty Flacko 2.


That concludes this special addition of The Standouts, for more regular updates on new music like the Facebook Page or follow the twitter account. See you next week.


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