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The Blisters

I got to see the Blisters perform last Saturday with my friend at Beat Kitchen. The band was amazing live.

ImageThe Blisters is a Chicago-based band specializes indie rock music. The members are Henry Mosher (vocals & guitar), Spencer Tweedy (drums), Hayden Holbert (guitar), and Tory P-Lopez (bass).

The band released their first album in June 2013 titled Finally Board with 10 tracks. You can listen to all the songs on their website. All songs composed by lead vocalist, Henry Mosher, except Elliptical, which is cowritten with Hayden Hobert.

I’m new to the band. My friend Pearl from thegeneralshow introduced me to their musics. I came to like them after listening to Follow Me. She tagged me along with her to the concert. She made contact with Henry Mosher asking for a permission to do a press; you can read an interview with them on her blog post.

I become a fan after their amazing live performance. They are young artists yet they rock on stage. The sound of each instruments along with the sound of the lead vocalist are in harmony with each other. They owned the stage; the crowd ranged from teens to middle ages dance to their musics. I really enjoyed to the concert. I’m currently obsessed with the song Through You and One day. Check the songs down below.


If you want to see their amazing live performance, they will perform this Saturday, January 10 at Martyrs’. The admission is only $7, so check them out.


Special thanks to Pearl for all this amazing photos.


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