If you have been keeping up with the hip hop scene in Chicago, then you should have come across MC Tree by now. I first heard of him back in 2013 when Sunday School II: When Church Lets Out dropped which was his second LP. The album was pretty solid with some big names featured on there such as Danny Brown and Roc Marciano. The album was the first time I heard of the new genre, “Soul Trap”. Soul Trap is a genre that Tree created which is a fusion of soul with elements of Chicago’s drill scene in order to create a very unique sound. Soulful samples coupled with trap flavored hi-hats and kicks might sound outrageous, but amazingly Tree has found a way to make it work.

Tree spent a lot of 2014 collaborating with other artists from Chicago such as Brian Fresco, Saba and Chris Crack. However he did drop The @MCTREEG EP last year that really did a great job of showcasing the Soul Trap sound. Recently he announced that he will be dropping his next LP, TrapGenius, sometime soon. Tree also dropped “Don’t E’en Kare“, the lead single off of the upcoming album. Xcel produced this track so we don’t see the samples that Tree usually uses in his production. Instead we’re treated to a trap-heavy beat. Tree does his thing on this new track, unsurprisingly. Honestly though, the guy is really underrated.

Check out “Don’t E’en Kare” below. Also you can find Sunday School II: When Church Lets Out here.


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