After sending a ripple throughout the music scene with their debut earlier this week, NYC duo Refs certainly has a future ahead of them. Featuring Zachary Andrew of Black Light Dinner Party, it’s clear where the duo  finds its roots.

Easing you into a somber burial of thought, you might expect this song to accompany a funeral procession. Just when you think you’ve died, the beat kicks in, and its simplicity carries lively vocals accompanied by chime like keys.

Call me anytime you want
Cause my pain goes away

It’ll probably get thrown into that “sad” category on the first listen, and can definitely bring down your mood a bit. But being down means you can only move up, and the song gives a sense of empowerment and hope. Much like Chicago winters, pain also eventually goes away.

Pain Goes Away just might get you over the syllabus week ending blues, and it fits in nicely with the grey clouds these days. They’ll be there for a while, but with aspiring artists like Refs, there’s always a silver lining.


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