When I started my show I had the idea of occasionally bringing in bands to play a live set. So far I’ve had the band Let The Animals Kill Us (lettheanimalskillus.bandcamp.com) play twice. Now I’ve been looking for more bands to play. I posted on a Facebook page called “Chicago/Illinois Folk Punk” asking if any bands will like to play. The response was outstanding! Within 2 days I have scheduled 5 individual shows. The bands will play within the two hours I have on Tuesdays from 6pm-8pm.
The Bands so far are:
The Suburbanists on 2/3
Little Yellow Dog on 2/10
Stufy the Sidekick on 2/17
Old Wolves on 2/24
Cap Gun Coalition on 3/3
These bands play under the genre “Folk Punk.” Basically the genre is the clash of folk and punk but it is also in sort a life style for these guys. I have been to a show in which the Folk Punk band Days n Daze played and you could barely breathe through all the Body Odor. These “Crust Punks” are usually characterized as the smelliest of the punks as they go their days playing shows anywhere they can get a show. These shows are either free or low buck but please donate to the bands as most of them only live off of the income they receive from the donations at shows and their merch (if they have any). It is a good genre to listen to but don’t worry about having to become a crust punk in order to listen to it. Recommended artist to start listening to the genre: Days n Daze, Billy Mack Collector
Bands I hope to have in the near future play on UIC Radio: Billy Mack Collector, Strictly Christmas, Twin Peaks, The Lemons. The list goes on.


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