Last Friday I got the amazing opportunity to see Sam Smith live at the UIC Pavilion. And ever since that night, Sam Smith’s voice has not left my brain.

While every single one of his songs was so incredible to hear live (I clutched my hand to my chest to calm the pounding of my heart on more than one occasion), it was this song I found myself singing along to the loudest.

It’s really easy for love songs to sound redundant. Sam Smith proves otherwise once again with “Like I Can,” a sad song about unrequited love that maintains an upbeat, almost happy sound at the same time.  But I think my favorite part about this song is how it seems like an enthusiastic release of emotion. It’s almost as if Smith is letting go of his sadness over another person and accepting it for what it is. In a sense, he’s moving on.

It’s also a great example of Smith’s signature talent, his outstanding vocal range, and it’s another reminder that sometimes we just need to move on sometimes.

Listen to “Like I Can” below:

What do you think of the song? Do you think it’s a good representation of Sam Smith’s lyrical/vocal talent? Comment and share and let me know!



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