Ray here! Now, I don’t want to sound too campy referring to the massive waves of white powder piling up outside, but I think this is the second coming of Snowmageddon. I vividly remember the first one (probably 2011) when snow kept falling…and falling…and falling. And (from the comfort of my PC) I saw the confusing image of dark abandoned cars speckling the eerily white Lake Shore Drive. As if the driving conditions down LSD aren’t bad enough already.

Lake Shore Drive, 2011, and probably a few hours from now.

With the second coming of Snowpocalypse, I can surmise that for every inch of snow that blankets us, there is a cluster of right-wing anti-climate-change walnuts thinking that global warming doesn’t exist. On a related note, earlier this week US Senator James Inhofe has been appointed the new chair of the US Environmental & Public Works Committee. Except that he has been quoted saying that “Man can’t change climate.”


Anyway, today’s the Superbowl! But I don’t know anything about sports. At all. So yeah! Football! Combined with the The Day After Tomorrow scene occurring outside right now, shoppers are fleeing to supermarkets to stock up for their Superbowl parties—or as precautionary measures in case we get buried under feet of snow. Grocery stores are even running low on carts, meaning Superbowl party hosts are scrambling to horde all the chips, dip, and beer for their all-American fete. Wonderful!

To inaugurate this patriotic pastime, I think I might share a mashup album—perhaps something to play for your pregame party. Conveniently, I found this mashup today when looking for new music. PennWallace crystallizes the gaming spirit in his mashup album Fouled Out! with a wide variety of artists: some well-known like Taylor Swift, Childish Gambino, and Imagine Dragons; others more niche like Death Grips, Youngblood Hawke, and Chvrches.

PennWallace’s knack for combining familiar songs from the past few years with those lesser known solidifies his mashup technique. Check it out! He links an exhaustive list of all his samples. Look for some of your favorite artists!

So what are your plans for the Snowpocalypse Superbowl? Got any good party playlists? Comment below!


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