I discovered Martin $ky at a Milo concert back in May up in Wicker Park. He only had about 20 minutes to his set, but man he definitely turned the crowd up in those 20 minutes. Ever since I’ve just been following his SoundCloud page for the random release here and there. He did drop a mixtape in 2013, timeLESS that was a pretty decent effort from $ky. Definitely check that mixtape out.

The Chicago native now is gearing up for his follow up project, Everywhere But Here EP. At first the EP was supposed to drop toward the end of 2014, although it has faced a couple of delays. $ky has leaked a couple of tracks from the EP and I have to say that the production on all of them is unreal. The great thing is that the EP will be entirely produced by $ky himself and Martin $ky knows how to put out a banger. His SoundCloud page has a couple of instrumentals that go hard as well as a couple of remixes of different tracks such as “Mamacita” by Travis $cott, a song that I hated until I heard $ky’s remix.

The singles $ky has pushed out for his upcoming EP have all impressed. $ky sounds confident, has a nice flow, and effortlessly rides his own beats when he spits. This new song “Plug” is a more fun cut in comparison to his other tracks. In case you are not up to date with your slang, plug pretty much just means someone that supplies you with something. And on this new song, $ky pretty much gives a shout out to his “plug”. Check out the song below and make sure to visit his SoundCloud page here. Also stay on the look out for the Everybody But Here EP which should be dropping soon.


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