Ray here! For the past 2 or so weeks I’ve taken a break from social media, mostly as an experiment. And honestly to this day I’m not entirely sure why I did it without much forethought. Maybe I wanted to see if I could survive, severed from any tenuous ties to Facebook or Twitter or Tumblr or what have you. And so far? It’s not that bad. If you’re feeling the need to go rogue or follow the masochistic footsteps that I have walked, here’s what I’ve done instead of clicking on Facebook:

  • Focus on school
  • Netflix
  • A whole bunch of documentaries
  • Catch up on sleep
  • Seeing friends in person rather than through a screen

After spending the first week disengaging from the rest of the online world, it got easier. (Probably a telltale sign of addiction!) I think the most annoying part is the Facebook app on my phone constantly nagging me with notifications, like “Person has a birthday today” or “Person added 5 photos of you” or “Person updated their status”. Never did I see an app so thirsty for my presence that it tries to bombard me with statuses about people I haven’t really cared about since high school. The thirst is real.

In person, I’m not like the non-celiac disease gluten-free bandwagoners who feel the need to remind everyone in a 100-foot radius that, yes, they are eating gluten free. I don’t feel the need to terminate every sentence with “Oh, and I’m taking a Facebook cleanse,” though I have a feeling my friends and other naysayers would vehemently disagree with that statement. Ah well.

To squeeze out the last bit of Valentine’s Day spirit, the mashup of the week is something that (for me at least) proves the whole “love at first sight” thing. DJ Sunsite mashed a few love-themed songs: It Takes Two (Katy Perry) × Love Me Like You Do (Ellie Goulding) × Latch (Disclosure & Sam Smith).

Saccharine as it sounds, I still love it. Better yet is that DJ Sunsite used a Katy Perry song that hasn’t (yet) been violated by the radio. Take a listen!

And to conclude this post, I just wanted to let everyone know that if you’re lucky, then some discounted Valentine’s Day candy may be available at your nearest Target, Walgreens, etc.

How was your Valentine’s Day/Singles Awareness Day? Comment below!


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