Action Bronson is quite a character. I say that because his major-label debut is titled Mr Wonderful, because Bronson felt that was the best way to describe himself according to a tweet he posted in all capital letters. Mr Wonderful is set to drop March 24th and I must say I’m stoked for this album. Last time Bronson released a project was back in 2013 when he dropped Blue Chips 2, the second of the Blue Chips series that was produced entirely by Party Supplies. This new song “Terry” is the second song from the upcoming LP to be released, with “Actin’ Crazy” being the first.

Unsurprisingly, this new track is pretty impressive. I really enjoy the versatility in Bronson’s delivery. There are times where he can be aggressive and all up in your face with his delivery (obligatory Ghostface Killah comparison here?) or, as he displays with “Terry“, he can do the complete opposite and spit in a laid back manner. Seeing that The Alchemist produced this track naturally adds to my level of excitement for this LP, as the collaboration between Bronson and The Alchemist on Rare Chandeliers worked beautifully. Hopefully there’s more production from The Alchemist on the album.

Stream “Terry” below and be sure to check out Mr Wonderful when it drops on March 24th.


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