Gavin Rossdale and his band, Bush, threw an amazing performance at the Riviera Theatre last week. Even after two decades of making music and touring, they have shown us that they are still full of bountiful energy and passion for music.





The setlist for the night was:

The Sound of Winter
Bodies in Motion
Everything Zen
Greedy Fly
Man on the Run
The Chemicals Between Us
The People That We Love
This House is on FIre
The Only Way Out
The Gift
Broken in Paradise
Letting the Cables Sleep
Just Like My Other Sins
Little Things

Once in a Lifetime



The band played a variety of their songs ranging from their first album Sixteen Stone, which was released in 1994, to songs from their newest album Man on the Run, which was released last year.

I was captivated by the band and their music during the entire night. It was amazing to see the band members’ overflowing energy as they took charge of the stage. Gavin Rossdale’s interaction with the crowd was incredible as well. He went as far as to jump into the crowd and sing to the fans in the general admission area and the balcony seats as well.

I really look forward to seeing the band perform again. I can’t wait for them to come back to Chicago! Check out one of the band’s most famous songs “Glycerine” in the video below!


(Photos taken by Pearl Shin)


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