High Five

I got some great new music for you all to check out. This group of hip hop artists is called High Five. This group recently released a new mixtape titled, The Hive. They hail from the Chicago land area. Chicago has the best music scene without a doubt.

This 20-track mixtape brings you back and gives you a nostalgic feeling. At least it did for me. The beat selection on this tape was phenomenal. I personally prefer those old school boom bap beats. Maybe that’s why I felt that way but regardless great production throughout the tape. They rap over some great beats done by Madlib, DJ Premier, Apollo Brown and J.Dilla as well. All of them are great producers. My favorite instrumental on this tape was the one for the track “Street Fighter”. That sample was nicely done by Krazy L.

Their flows fit well over the beats they chose. They can only get better in that field. With some more work it will sound effortless. Krazy L put together some great beats for these guys. I don’t think there was one on here done by him that I didn’t like.

Content wise though I feel the group can improve. The things that they rap about feel repetitive throughout the tape. I don’t say that to put them down because they’re good rappers but when you have a 20-track tape that brings up very similar topics or ideas over and over again it gets repetitive. Not taking anything away from them though because I can’t do what they do.

Overall this was a solid mixtape. It was a very refreshing listen for me. There’s room for improvement but I enjoyed it from beginning to end. I would recommend this to any hip hop heads.

Some of my favorite tracks on this tape are “Street Fighter”, “Sonday” & “94”. Italo’s verse on “94” is too nice.

You can stream the whole mixtape below. You can also go ahead and download it on Datpiff. Follow their Tumblr page, Soundcloud page, like their Facebook page and check out their Youtube page for music videos.


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