Typically my music repertoire is severely lacking in the soul department, so it was nice to stumble upon Lyves. Based out of London, the group considers themselves “ambient alt soul,” so I was about half right on that one. A definite departure from my primarily pop driven posts, Lyves does more than just slow down the tempo.

The opening notes of the piano drives a solemn stake into the heart, followed by the first line of “Bring Me Quiet, Bring Me Into Shelter,” enveloping the song in an icy sheath of desperation.

“See Me Crumbling, Crumbling is Just the Start”

Rich vocals make you fall down face first into a pit of introspection, while thoughts trickle down into a waterfall of emotion as the song gradually adds more and more layers.

Altogether it’s a beautifully produced song, and the inclusion of beats and synths adds an extra dimension. However, even without all the extra fluff, the piano and vocals could still freeze a tear. Worth mentioning is Lyve’s debut track “Visions,” from a few months ago. A much more atmospheric venture that gives a look into the band’s versatility for vibe making.

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