As a sophomore, my career at UIC is dangerously close to being halfway done, and it makes me stop and ask, “What have I accomplished?” Grades are average and aspirations are low, so running into this track caused reflection, as well as inspiration.Β Rap/Hip-hop/R&B/whatever this is considered, is an area that I couldn’t be less educated in. Currently enrolled in a hip hop aesthetic class, I’m in the midst of exploring an entire new world of music and culture. One of my favorite aspects of the genre is the use of common references to convey a different meaning:

Standing next to Jim Carey, we traded stories then laughed
I said you not the only one I know got rich wearing masks

Assuming I survive the rest of college, I hope to pass this song down to the next wave of students. It’s often easy to lose steam in the midst of everything going on at once, and stress about the future. This song takes the(sometimes unbelievable)perspective of having it all, and reflecting on the struggles that made it possible.

But when you’re gettin fast money slow down, don’t crash
With all the drive in the world swear you still need gas

Haunting yet hopeful, this track and its refrain of “one man could change the world” is enough to get out of any slump.

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