Maná is a Spanish rock band that originally gathered in the 1970s. They were named “Sombrero Verde” which translates in English to “Green Hat”. The name change to Maná was a wise one because the word “Maná” is Polynesian and means “Positive Energy”. They were the first Spanish rock band to come about in the Latino music community.

Besides their name history, an interesting fact mentioned on their website is: they achieved international success long after following the footsteps of their influencers: The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, The Police, among others.

The group members are: Fher Olvera on lead vocals, guitar, and harmonica, Juan Calleros on bass, Alex “The Animal” González on drums, percussion, vocals, back-up vocals and Sergio Villán on guitar and back-up vocals.

As of lately, their new song: “Mi Verdad” featuring Shakira has now been on the Billboard Hot Latin Songs for 2 weeks now and their peak position last week was number 1.

A perceived translation of their new song [from someone who is a native Spanish speaker/ bilingual in Spanish] is: this is a love song because it mentions relationships and hurt that can be caused by individuals. On the other hand, the lyrics also mention how one person can be the love, voice of the soul and truth of another being. It seems like a love song to define or be dedicated to a romantic relationship. Parts of the lyrics [if analyzed] can also be for a mother-child relationship.

Here is the new song which speaks the international language of love and romance itself:

Here are other songs you should check out by this pretty cool Spanish rock band (even if you do not know or speak Spanish):


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