Hey all! Ray here! The seventh week of class just finished, and we’re right on the precipice of week eight, AKA one week before the withdrawal deadline, AKA no turning back now!

It’s been a tumultuous week, this past one, at least on my end. The next few weeks may be even more arduous than all the previous ones combined. You can tell by the unsavory, bitter cold and the sweet smell of the stress hormone cortisol in the air that it’s—you guessed it—midterm season! It’s a change of season that I’m totally not excited for.

Regardless, I can imagine for both you and me these next few fortnights will be brimming with studying, tears, and more despair than the emotional cost of student loans of everyone at UIC.

Before we feel inexorably crushed by these upcoming monolithic midterms, let’s take this halftime to relax and recharge—and here are a few mashups that I have really enjoyed.

2 On is one of those R&B hits that come slowly but pack a powerful punch—and critics can attest to its sultry, catchy flow. It’s been a little bit over a year since Tinashe released it. Set against glue70’s experimental electronica, 2 On gives off an even deeper vibe.

I’ve never really had a good listen to Bleachers, but his indie sleeper hit I Wanna Get Better makes me wish I was more “with the times” musically. And then there’s Charli XCX, with her upbeat Boom Clap that’s pretty catchy as well. To be fair, I didn’t imagine this combination, but some ordained mashup artist married these two in secret, and now this mashup can’t get out of my head!

For lovers of house music out there, I’ve got a mashup for you! DJ Trademark blends together Cash Cash’s remix of Birthday (by Katy Perry), Rather Be (Clean Bandit), and Kanye (The Chainsmokers) into an uptempo masterpiece. To be fair, I think The Chainsmokers has some kick and punch to their music—of course, beyond the vapid and nonsensical “#Selfie”—and their song Kanye is lighthearted enough and feel-goodsy enough to make me smile all day.


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