When I downloaded Seconds by Kez The Dude my sophomore year of high school I didn’t really know what to expect. All I knew was that he was in my World Studies class the year before and that, well, we both attended the same high school. I ended up enjoying the tape and I’m pretty sure I was bumping the first two tracks for a week straight. That was a good 3 years ago though, Kez has made a lot of moves ever since. Having focused more on production, he’s gotten involved with the Murmurs Collective (check them out, a lot of talented producers on there) and has also become apart of the New Deal Crew, a hip hop group composed of up and coming artists from Chicago. His instrumental tape, Freeman, is a perfect place to start with this dude’s music. Check that here.

This past week, Kez The Dude shared his newest instrumental, “Who Is @FrankOcean“. The beat starts off slow with some high pitched samples off in the backdrop of the beat. It sounds like a beat that I’d hear from a producer like Stwo. However, the track quickly transforms into a juke beat, with the trademark juke-style drum pattern. This mixture of R&B vocals and juke is not something you ordinarily hear, which is just a shame because it sounds incredibly dope on here.

Stream “Who Is @FrankOcean” below.


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