I don’t want to sound redundant posting two Action Bronson songs over a short time span, but it’s Action Bronson, how could I not share this new track? With Mr Wunderful dropping on March 24th, I thought Bronson was going to just lay low until the album release date as he has already shared 3 songs from the upcoming album, however he recently leaked this new song, “Baby Blue” which also has Chance spitting a guest verse.

To be honest I was not the biggest fan of the Chance and Bronson collaboration that appeared on Acid Rap two years ago. The song was funny, but it sounded lazy to me. Fortunately I do not feel like that at all towards this new song. Much like his latest song, “Terry“, Bronson again provides a soulful track with a focus on women. However, this time he dedicates the song towards jealous women and raps about his frustrations towards them. Chance also does the same, however he provides a more “immature” verse where he wishes the worst for, what sounds like, his ex lover. Produced by the talented Mark Ronson, “Baby Blue” is just as good as the other releases from Mr Wunderful. Stream below.


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