Win and Will Butler, brothers and band members in Arcade Fire, have been very busy lately. Having just finished the Reflektor tour this past fallArcade Fire is on hiatus for now. However, the Butler brothers are keeping busy with projects and events of their own.


This past Valentine’s Day, older brother Win went to a coffee bar in New York, called La Colombe, to be a barista for the day in order to get the word out about new Haitian RaRa coffee. Win and his wife Régine Chassagne have close ties to Haiti, as Chassagne’s parents immigrated from there. Proceeds from the event went to the Haitian coffee industry, the La Colombe Academy, and Partners In Health, which many of Arcade Fire’s ticket price sales have gone to in the past.

As for younger brother Will, he’s been in the studio recently for his new solo album Policy, which has just been released on Spotify to stream for free before the album is released on iTunes and in stores on March 10. In the beginning of this semester, I stated in one of my first blogs that this is one of the albums I’m excited for in 2015.

Having listened to the album on Spotify, I can say that Policy still has many Arcade Fire vibes in it, but is also very versatile when it comes to sound. Many of the songs have a more punk and classic rock sound to it, as well as some jazz/piano melodies and even 80s sounds in others. Listen to one example of Will’s work below, titled “Anna”:

One last example of the diversity of the album is the first track on the album, titled “Take My Side”:

Most interesting of Will’s recent work, in my opinion, is that he recently challenged himself to write a song a day for a week based on newspaper headlines. He adds that he was inspired by Bob Dylan, who would announce that certain songs of his were based on headlines as well. Check out one example of this challenge below, titled “Clean Monday,” and check out the rest of the songs on the band’s YouTube Playlist.

“Clean Monday”: 

What do you think of Will Butler’s work? Comment and share and let me know your thoughts!



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