Having seen Canadian duo Purity Ring do their same set three times, it’s refreshing to know that next time they’ll have some new material. Of course no hate on their debut Shrines, a beautiful yet dark foray into the realms of psych pop. In fact quite the opposite, for listening to the album in its entirety is a journey, as the songs seamlessly blend into one another.

Bodyache displays a tone of desperation, but is conveyed with a much lighter hearted sound than previous work by the duo. This juxtaposition makes for a truly brilliant track, not only catchy but maintaining some depth. Stripping the song of its lyrics leaves an addictive beat laced with mystical keys and club throbbing EDM style bass.

Topping Shrines may be difficult, but after hearing Bodyache, it seems that Purity Ring has already begun their evolution and are off to a familiar yet fresh start. Be sure to check out their full album, Another Eternity, which dropped earlier this week.

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