Let’s be real: this Daylight Savings crap wholly and methodically ruined everyone’s Sunday that would normally be spent recovering from a ratchet Saturday prior. As much as I would love being included in that demographic, I spent the better half of my Saturday evening studying for my organic chemistry lab midterm—colloquially known as “The Rapture”. Thankfully my evening was spent with company rather than in painful solitude. Several hours passed, and with each passing moment, our sighs became raspier, and our under-eye bags became heavier.

So that brings me back to this hellish holiday. Who plans an exam the week after daylight savings time? This is the week that all humans have to readjust their entire schedule and crank back every mannerism one hour—my third cup of coffee regularly occurs at 2:27 PM, which is really 1:27 PM post-holiday, which just doesn’t fly. And planning an exam this week is just draconian. I remember the days of yore when it got dark at, like, 1:00 PM and I wasn’t caught off guard by the preponderance of sunlight at that time of day. And now? Ehh, I guess having atmospheric Chicagoan temperatures above 0 Kelvin is okay to some extent. I guess I’d rather lose one hour of my weekend than have a vitamin D deficiency. Gotta love Chicago climate, eh?

This week I found a few good mashups that—well, they’re not really cohesive by any means, but they sound pretty festive for the upcoming vernal equinox (March 20th!)

Hywaka transforms the Flume’s garbled, haunting remix of Disclosure’s You & Me into a modern hip hop hit with Kendrick Lamar’s Backseat Freestyle. Eliza Doolittle sings “You and me” on repeat behind Kendrick Lamar’s carefree lyricism of his teenage years. This unexpected combination is pretty solid in my book.

I feel like for the past few blogs I’ve included a Taylor Swift mashup. Well, with the abundance of 1989 a cappellas and instrumentals, I don’t think these mashups are going to stop. But for a moment, let’s forget Shake It Off, Blank Space, and Style. One of the less played songs on the album is Out of the Woods. Smija takes the Taylor Swift a cappella and backs it against The Promise by When In Rome, a late 80s band that I haven’t really considered since 30 minutes ago.  It’s good!

Neither have I really considered Portugal. The Man that much as a musical dynamo, but their indie rock sound definitely breathes a certain giddy optimism to the music scene. Woodkid’s remix of So American is rather incredible, giving the synth edge that self-appointed hipsters crave. Really though, synthpop remixes are my kryptonite. Brayn Drain combines this remix with American Gangster by Jay-Z. Whatever kind of feels I feel are indescribable. I love this mashup in particular—synthy wails juxtaposed with Jay-Z’s clever wordplay just seems right.

This is the last of the mashups of the week. It’s a bit rough and sharp on the edges, but I think Grayson Kitzen did an otherwise fantastic job mashing together Childish Gambino’s Heartbeat with twenty one pilot’s Car Radio. This mashup is raw and gritty and it may scratch up your hands, but I think the Gambino’s feature complements twenty one pilots. Lyrically, these two songs are rather somber, but together they materialize emotions that I didn’t think were possible.

How was Daylight Savings for you? Wake up on the wrong side of the bed? Comment below!


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