5 Reasons Why Kendrick Lamar’s Album Will Meet the Hype


March 23rd, 2015. Mark it on your calendar because that is when Kendrick Lamar will drop his highly anticipated sophomore album. There has been a lot of talk about if he will be able to top the success of his last album and here are 5 reasons why I believe Kendrick will meet the hype with this project.

1. His guest verses since his last album

Each guest verse Kendrick has done since Good Kid m.A.A.d. City dropped has been all solid showing that he has not lost his hunger despite his new found mainstream success. The best part is how many lanes Kdot has been able to operate with his guest verses. From Collard Greens where he has a funny verse with his TDE partner Schoolboy Q, to the hype verse he provides on Chicago’s Own Fredo Santana’s song Jealous. He also has been able to get serious on songs like Nosetalgia with Pusha T where he talks about he talks about his past. Also who can forget his guest verse on Big Sean’s Control where he basically set the whole rap game in a riot when he called out several mainstream artists. If these verses don’t get you excited for his album I don’t know what will.


2. His Interviews

Kendrick’s interviews recently have also added to the excitement of fans regarding his new album. His first interview with the Breakfast Club back in November, Kendrick gives a real incite to his life right now and how it will correlate to his album. The next two interviews with a Big Boy from Los Angeles and Rolling Stone, Kendrick gives even more information about his new album since by the time of these interviews the album is finished, and he gives explicit details of what the album will sound like. Read/Watch Below.



3. The Album Artwork & Title


The album artwork is weird, mysterious, disturbing, you name it. The great thing about it though it that it makes you wonder what Kendrick has planned up his sleeve and how the album will reflect whats on the cover. To hype it up even more, the album is called “To Pimp A Butterfly” whatever that means, however in the interview with Rolling Stone Kendrick says this phrase will be taught in schools one day, so this title must carry a lot of weight.


4. His Experiences Since his Last Album 


Since his last album Kendrick has been all over the world, from performing at huge festivals to opening for big name rap acts such as Eminem and Kanye. Throughout all these experiences its highly likely Kendrick has brand new perspective on life and has a whole lot to say on this project besides just talking about girls and money like almost all mainstream rap is right now.

5. His Track Record & Singles


Kendrick’s track record so far has been arguably the most solid in the rap game with him increasingly getting better as an artist from Overly Dedicated, to Section .80, to of course GKMC. As a result of this, it is not totally out the question to assume that he will continue this trend of progressing with new album. He also has given us two solid singles with “i” which one two grammys last month and “Blacker the Berry” which showed off how much of point Kendrick is out to prove when this album drops.


March 23rd the world will be watching to see if King Kendrick delivers and I for one am very confident he will not only deliver, but exceed expectations.


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