Hey friends! Ray here. It’s been an exceptional week with the glorious weather, hasn’t it? I’ve been caught aback by that atrocious warm yellow glowing thing in the sky—I wonder what it is. I haven’t seen anything like that in a long time. I also enjoyed wearing apparel that cuts off above my knees—“shorts” I think they’re called, but in the tundra that is Chicago, they’re all but mythological.

In the coming weeks, I’ll be in the process of shedding my hibernation husk. Maybe I’ll see more of the yellow globe in the sky. Hopefully that astronomical whatchamacallit will come around more often and warm these barren frost-covered plains this week before spring break (hehe, “spring” break. Is that a season? Never heard of it.)

The season of midterms is drawing to a close, and spring break is ready for us! Now, I don’t have many plans for spring break. I might just be recuperating from this dastardly semester. Probably scavenging for some mashups while I’m at it.

I have a couple mashups for this week, but they’re nothing short of quality. The first of which is Snow Warning by LeeDM101. This artist takes Snow Patrol’s Open Your Eyes instrumental and sets it against Penguin Prison’s Fair Warning. These two songs synergistically add just enough melancholy. It sets the perfect mood to the first flowers awakening after a long winter. Or maybe old memories and nostalgic smiles.

Titus Jones has pretty unique pop mashups. Clarity Kids is definitely one of them. Echosmith, known for their sleeper hit Cool Kids, shines in this mashup alongside Clarity by Zedd and Kids by MGMT. This definitely has a summertime flow to it—something I’m sure native Chicagoans have been craving all throughout the frigid past couple of months.

Got any plans for spring break? Comment below!


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