It has been a minute since we’ve heard anything new from Earl. While we were all going crazy about the sudden release of To Pimp a Butterfly, Earl decided to inform the world that his upcoming album, I Don’t Like ****, I Don’t Go Outside is going to be released on the 24th of March. A surprise EP from Ratking, new Kendrick, with a new Earl and Action Bronson album on the way. March has been a great month for music. This announcement of the LP’s release date did come with some rather bad news. It turns out Ear has had an album’s worth of music since the summer of 2014, but due to label issues has not released anything new since Doris. Him remaining in the dark has subdued my hype towards his next LP, which is good for my own sake, but label issues are never a good thing for anyone involved. A quick trip back to 2011 with Lupe Fiasco is enough proof of that.

But anyway, Earl did drop some visuals with his new single, “Grief“. This track alone has me pumped for his new release because I know it will sound differently than Doris and Earl did in that Earl no longer has that super monotonous delivery that, in my opinion, held Doris  back from being a great album. It definitely has its uses and rappers like MF DOOM have founds ways to make a delivery like that sound great, but with Earl on that LP it became incredibly redundant halfway through the album. Fortunately, he has a much more energetic and aggressive delivery that actually sounds the way he does when he performs live (which is full of energy).

Like the title suggests, “Grief” has a depressing feel to the track. Earl also goes hard on this one, shining light on his frustrations with the people around him in his verses. The production also sounds really muddy and even low quality which only helps in setting the tone of the track. To cap it off, the visuals to this new track are actually really creepy, but dope at the same time. Check the video out before.


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