Bob Dylan released his fifth album, “Bringing It All Back Home”, 50 years ago today in 1965.  It’s an amazing work for it’s time, recorded by the 23 year-old Dylan over three days in January of that year.  One track, “Maggie’s Farm”, was recorded in one take.  “Home” is also a landmark album for Dylan, as it marks his first “electric” recordings.  One half of the album is electric, the other acoustic.  It was also Dylan’s most popular album yet, reaching #6 on the Billboard albums chart (his first Top 10) release.  The single “Subterranean Homesick Blues” also was his first charting single to date, reaching #39 on the Billboard singles chart.  In 2003, Rolling Stone named it #31 on it’s list of the greatest albums of all time.  I will be featuring it on my show Monday, 12-4 PM CST at .  I hope you can join me!                                                                                            

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