Hey everyone! Ray here.

So spring break has taken its first few stumbling, awkward steps for a couple days now, and I’m spending it so far still around UIC instead of in the cushy, northwest suburbs of Chicago. I’ve got some business to take care of while still on campus, but thankfully I’ll be heading back to Morton Grove sometime later this evening.

The last few posts of mine centered on midterms and the inevitable blood, sweat, and tears that come with it. Honestly with the pace of exams and quizzes these past few weeks, my stress levels still feel pretty high—I don’t consider “spring break” much of a break as I used to. I’m swamped with work and senseless, inane projects for a few of my classes.

I originally projected by Monday I would actually get down and dirty with eliminating some of my responsibilities and assignments from my interminable to-do list, but as hours keep passing, I might just prioritize Netflix over note taking. That’s how my work ethic during spring break has been for as long as I can remember: expecting by Monday to start on schoolwork, and then actually starting on schoolwork probably Wednesday or Thursday. Gotta love procrastination!

But then again, that’s just my end of this whole spring break affair. A bunch of my friends are on the road, back home, seeing family and friends, among other (fun) things. I hope for you, dear reader, that spring break will be a moment of reprieve from this arduous semester.

If I may make a music recommendation outside the scope of the topical genre of mashup, has dozens and dozens of playlists in pretty much all genres. It’s like Pandora, but better. Lately I’ve been listening to dance/electronic and some indie pop. I’ve discovered a bunch of new artists that will definitely take up residence on my iTunes library in the future.

But like I said, dance/electronic is one of my guilty pleasure genres, so no one is really supposed to know that. Having said that, Vango’s Follow Me unites quite a few songs in an almost 3 minute episode. It gushes with Krewella’s We Are One and Zedd’s Clarity, for starters. By no means is it easy listening—if anything, this track best suits the dance floor.

But if you do want something more relaxed, The White Panda creates a chilly soundscape featuring Flume and Kanye West. Flume’s Insane melody transforms Can’t Tell Me Nothing into a haunting introspection. It’s the perfect soundtrack for decompressing after a rough semester.

Friends! How’s your spring break starting? Comment below!


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