Hey everyone! Ray here. So it’s Sunday evening right before classes restart. Last Sunday I had this grandiose plan of organizing all of my winter clothes in a neat pile and bringing it back to the suburbs because I foolishly thought, “It’s spring break! It’s not like the weather will dip down into the 20s, right?”

I was not pleased.

Monday morning was a rude awakening, like Chicago aimed at giving us spring break goers a very strong middle finger. Frantically I took pictures of the frosty abomination outside and Snapchatted them to my friends, captioned with a few choice expletives. I felt insulted, but remembering the Snowpocalypse Superbowl, crimes of this degree aren’t really startling anymore.

So while many of my friends have been out and about, reaching for warmer latitudes than the one on which Chicago sits, I have been homebound. My predictions for this break have been accurate, with the first few days spent on Netflix, and only near the end did I hustle and finish (some) schoolwork. What normally would’ve taken me a few days to complete actually lasted me until 4 hours ago. Most of this may be attributed to…well my bed looked much comfier than schoolwork, so…

It appears that weather this week will stretch into the above-zero ranges, to inaugurate this warm weather, I’ve found a few good springtime mashups.

I think EDM artist Kygo is starting to hold some ground in the genre, and even for this fresh face, his lush soundscapes are pretty good. Mashup artist Smija takes Kygo’s Ultra Music Festival anthem and mashes it with Paramore’s “Ain’t It Fun”. It’s like Haley Williams’ vocals truly belong in this tropical paradise of synths and beats. One need only listen to this song once and yearn for tropical smoothies.

Another mashup I discovered comes from mashup aficionado Isosine. This artist takes Clean Bandit’s “Rather Be”, Mike Posner’s “Please Don’t Go”, and MitiS’ “Born”. This combination is unheard of and impeccable—the sounds are melancholic and saccharine at the same time. Isosine surprises us once again with a mashup for the ages.

How has your spring (winter) break been? Comment below!


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