2015 has arguably been the best year for mainstream rap in years, and it’s not even April. Drake won February with his release of his album. Kendrick Lamar won this month with his release of his near flawless album To Pimp A Butterfly. Who wins the 2nd Quarter? My money is on the one and only Kanye West. Here’s everything you need to know about his upcoming album to get ready for the potential greatness that might drop very soon.

Album Title: So Help Me God
Kanye released this title via his Twitter earlier this month along with the artwork. The album artwork is the 13th century monastic symbol for the Virgin Mary. I have no idea how this might work into the album but Ye for sure has something up his sleeve to give the meaning behind the complex name & artwork.
Release Date: Surprise Spring Release
Kanye revealed during an interview a few weeks ago that the idea of release date for an album is played out and he likes the surprise album releases now. So it could be any day now that this will drop and break the Internet.
Confirmed tracks:
Only One
The heartfelt anthem Kanye releasd on New Year’s Day I initially didn’t enjoy but after learning the meaning of the song It grew on me a lot. This song is just heartfelt as “Hey Mama” and will probably be glorified the same for years to come.
All Day


Ye gave us the flex anthem of 2015 with this one, when he released the song during the Brit Awards a few weeks ago. The beat is insane and Allan Kingdom & Theo London compliment it so well. This will be the summer anthem, watch.
This song debuted at Kanye’s Adidas release and the song features Vic Mensa & Sia. The beat weird but also soulful at the same time with wolf sounds echoing throughout. This is the intro track to the album and I think this is gonna be a great way to kick this album off.
Possible features:
Supposedly there’s a Weeknd & Drake track people have heard and that could be huge if it is on this album. There’s also a song with Young Thug that people have been talking about also and if it’s as big as “About The Money” that also will be insane. There’s also the obvious features from the GOOD Music camp that also likely to happen such as Pusha T, John legend, and Cyhi the Prynce who I really hope gets a verse because he deserves attention for the work he has been putting in. Lastly it’s been rumored that he might have a a lot of Chicago features such as Chance the Rapper, King Louie who already has a song with ye, & the Almighty Sosa (Chief Keef) who has worked with Ye on the song “Don’t like”.
People who’ve heard the album say it’s incredible. After the experimental 808’s & Heartbreaks Kanye came back with My Beautiful Dark & Twisted Fantasy, after the experimental Yeezus I believe he will also crank out a near perfect album. My prediction is that this album will be Graduation on steroids and songs off this will be played for years later similar to Can’t Tell Me Nothing & Flashing Lights. Get excited. Yeezy season approaching.

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